Frequently Asked Questions.

A: Cucam.com is an online adult webcam community that gives its Members full and instant access to Free Live Video Chat with the hottest Models on the web! Enjoy Live Chat Sessions each time you enter a Cucam.com chat room and interact with the Models all in REAL TIME!

A: All registered Cucam.com members are given a variety of benefits, including:
  • Uninterrupted live video chat sessions
  • Full access to all of the Models’ uncensored picture and video galleries
  • Discounted Happy Hour shows
  • Recorded private shows
  • Exclusive campaigns and other benefits
  • Option to add Models to your favorites list
  • Free Celebrity Events performed by famous porn stars
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A: Cucam.com credits are the form of payment used for all transactions and services provided on the Cucam.com website. Sign up and purchase Cucam.com credits today to engage in live video chats and get access to all the hot site features!

All credit card charges are handled by CCBill or Epoch, Cucam.com's third-party processors. They are fully secured to ensure your absolute privacy and reliability in the amount charged. Charges will appear on your credit card statement from "CCBill.com *I.M.L. SLU," or "Epoch.com *I.M.L. SLU,"

You may purchase any of the following credit packages during the signup process:
  • 25 credits for $25
  • 50 credits for $50
  • 75 credits for $75
  • 100 credits for $100

A: Each Model determines their price for live video chat. Models can charge between 0.98 and 5.99 Cucam.com credits per minute for a private chat session. Pricing can go as low as 0.20 credits per minute for our Platinum members (during Happy Hour).

A: You do not need a webcam to video chat; however, having a webcam is recommended, and it will make your live video chat experience much more pleasurable! Using a webcam allows the Model to see you as well!

A: The Model is the only one aware of your presence when you enter a private chat room. The Model is only presented with your Cucam.com username, and your privacy will always remain intact. Your payment details and IP address will never be seen by the Model. CCBill and Epoch, are the only secure third parties handling all payment concerns.

A: Our Customer Service representatives are here to provide you with fast, efficient service and a quick reply to all your questions and concerns. Click here to contact us.

A: Happy Hour is a super-fun, time limited live chat in which Models perform activities around the house for several Guests at the same time who take turns directing the activities. As you enjoy the show, get in line for your turn to direct by choosing an activity that you want to see the Model perform during your 3-minute turn as director. For example, you can watch and direct Models while they do the dishes in the kitchen, perform pole tricks in the playroom, soap up in the shower, or even do some bondage in the basement... During the show, you can tip your Model - help them reach their tip goals in order to receive a 50% discount code for your next private Live Sex Chat with them!

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